Class 2

Our Lesson Plans

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Class 2

Lesson Plan 1

Class duration: 40 minutes

  • Lesson objectives: The students will learn-
  • to greet in English
  • Materials: NCTB textbook, board, marker, softball
Steps Activity Times
The teacher enters the classroom and says “good morning” to students. The teacher encourages students to say “good morning” in return.
5 Miniutes
The teacher then tells the students that they are going to revise their alphabets. The teacher asks students to make words with random alphabets
5 Miniutes
Next the teacher gives students handouts containing pictures of different animals, fruits and things without their names and distributes them among the students. The teacher instructs students to write their correct names in the given boxes. The teacher moves from person to person and monitors. The teacher will facilitate wherever needed.
15 Minutes
The teacher then randomly selects students to name the things/animals/fruits given in the handouts. The teacher encourages students to clap for each other.
The teacher tells the students to practice making words with alphabets at home, as they will be asked to do so in the next class. The teacher then ends the class by saying “good bye
5 Miniutes

Sample Pictures for Handouts